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Personalized Packaging with Readily Made Lollies as Birthday Favors.... by LollyTalk.

LollyTalk offers a wide variety of readily made candy with messages & greetings, great idea for birthday parties, door gifts, favors as well as corporate events. LollyTalk can further personalized the gift items with various customised packagings and sticker labels.

 This case study shows how a customer uses LollyTalk to prepare the birthday favors for her kid's birthday bash

First we determined how many guests she having. The required amount of lollies isn't sufficient for us to customize the name on the lollies. These lollies are all handmade, hence sufficient ingredients are required for us if we are to make wordings based on customer's requirements. With so much ingredients used, we will end up yielding so much lollies. And we cannot possibly sell these surpluses to public which explains why there is a minimal requirements required for customisation in order to be feasible. It isn't an administrative limitation, more a technical one. (For more information on customization, can refer here...
However LollyTalk always ready to help clients to donate their surpluses to worthy causes and to the less privileged via our "Sweet Projects by LollyTalk". Every year, we donate these lollies we called "NG Mix" or "Throw Out Mix" to a lot of charity groups, benefiting from these corporate surpluses while making this world a sweeter place.

 However, for this case, the customer is happy to use our existing, readily available off-the-shelf lolly mixes.
She have chosen "Rainbow Mix"...
The advantages of having readily made mixes also means customers are able to have a larger variety of flavours, colours and design when giving out as favors. This make the door gift even more appealing and interesting.

More readily made lolly mixes can be found here....

After choosing the lollies, the customer proceed to determine how she wants the lollies to be packed. LollyTalk offers a wide range of possibility to pack the lollies...

The customer wanted something substantial hence glass bottles are chosen.

 She chosen the 30g hexagonal glass bottles..

And the bottles can further dolled up with various value-added services such as sticker label (design by us or artwork can be given by the customers; based on their preferences), tying of ribbon, as well as various wrapping can be done.

For more ideas on how you can doll up the packaging for your customised lollies, you can check these out...

For this case, client chosen to print a 32mm round sticker label on the top of the bottles. And ribbon are being added too to make the door gifts more presentable.

Client wanted to gives the kids coming to the party a good experience, hence lollypops are also included for the kids who come. LollyTalk offers a wide variety of readily made lollypops  that comes in different sizes, colour, flavours as well as design. We also able to customize lollypops based on requirements...

For this case, the customer chosen the small-size lollypop. The lollypops are further personalised with the 32mm round sticker labels

We are able to personalize the lollypops using 32mm round sticker labels.
Some more examples on how people uses personalized sticker labels on wrappers to customize their lollypops.

LollyTalk handmade candy is the Ideal door gifts for various parties, corporate events, wedding favours, baby shower door gifts and events giveaways!

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Do visit LollyTalk flagship retail outlet, located conveniently at the heart of Singapore's shopping district, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20, come and immerse yourself in the complete lolly shopping experience everyone is talking about.

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