Monday, 25 August 2014

First Birthday Bash with Anpanman theme!... Customized Hanmdade Rock Candy as Birthday Favors by LollyTalk....

Have you heard of the Japanese Anime "Anpanman"?
Caysen's parents are fans of this classic Japanese animation with mummy even had her nail painted with Anpanman too. 

Without doubt, that is what they decided to have for Caysen's first year old birthday bash theme.
Firstly, they decided to have the lolly customized with LollyTalk.
They selected a very beautiful color combination of Anpanman for their customized rock candy.
The team at LollyTalk first assisted to draft the design of the lolly on paper...

And it was beautifully handcrafted by LollyTalk at our flagship retail outlet

After the customized rock candy are handcrafted, they requested for them to be packaged it into 70g hexagonal glass bottles.

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And to further personalized the hexagonal glass bottles, Caysen's mummy uses sticker labels to be pasted around the side panels to achieve a very personalized birthday favours.

To make the birthday favor even more interesing, they used 32mm round sticker label on top of the bottle cap with a cute face of Anpanman....

Together, it formed a very adorable birthday party door gifts for all the guest who comes.

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

"May the Lolly be ever as your favors" - Hungry Game... featuring the girl on fire... Katniss from District "Singapore"...

Have you watch Hunger Game? Featuring Katniss the girl on fire from District 12.
Right here in Singapore, gave birth to our very own Katniss. 
For her coming first month celebrations, the parents decided to hold a party... namely...
the "Hungry Game"!
A very creative parents came to LollyTalk with an idea to customize something special for their girl's first month birthday celebration. In case you find her name KATNISS is not special enough, this customized favor will sure impress the guests with the little details shown in the making.

The lollies are customized with very the key colours of orange, red and black.
With the name clearly handcrafted into every piece, it says "Love KATNISS"...
And the flavour chosen?... Strawberry Cream.
In the book, Katniss hunts game and forage illegally in district 12, and some of her best customers are the officials themselves such as the Mayor who she frequently sell strawberries to!
Hence the selection of strawberry as the flavor.

Once the lollies are being handcrafted with beautiful colours and relevant flavours, the parents extend the idea further by customizing the packaging.

LollyTalk offers personalization of packaging via various interesting ways such as sticker labels. The parents of Katniss came equipped with a strong skill on using graphic editing software and came with a clear (and fun) idea on what they wanted. Hence LollyTalk simply provide her the necessary support to get the idea formed from a concept to readily. LollyTalk can also provide you the necessary support when required.
130 glass bottles are identified to use to pack this batch of customized rock candy.
The reason 130g bottles are chosen is the size. Not just the size to put the rock candy, also the surfaces of the bottles to design sticker labels that are clearly seen....

32mm round sticker labels are used on the top of the cap...
(Artwork provided by the customer with minimal effort done to prepare it for printing)
And the side panels, the customer decided to use labels too to further express their idea to make the favor even more complete...
Very skilfully and creatively expressed her intention which will sure brings back memories for the girl as she grows up.
And when putting together everything, it presented a very complete and beautiful birthday favors for the guests to come!

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Friday, 22 August 2014

Celebrating 21st Birthday with LollyTalk Customized Handmade Rock Candy...

LollyTalk customizes Rock Candy for all sorts of events and occasions.
One of the popular use of the customized lollies are during birthday celebration.

LollyTalk able to personalize the lettering lollies with names and age of the birthday kids.
Beside customizing the sweets, we also help to personalized the packaging so that the sweets can be given out as a birthday favors & as a door gifts.

For this case, we uses 32mm round sticker label that indicated the age of the birthday girl.
The lollies are packed into the white coated ziplock bag to make it convenient for distribution as well as looking presentable yet cost effective.

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Customised Handmade Rock Candy as Birthday Favours.... by LollyTalk

Customised Handmade Rock Candy can be packed into personalized bottles and used as
Birthday Gifts
Party Door Gifts
Appreciation Gifts
Birthday Favours

Packaging of the rock candy can be further enhanced with value added services such as
Ribbon Tying
Top of Cap wrapping
32mm round sticker label on top of the cap
sticker label on side panel of the bottle
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